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Porta PlumeSafe® 604

Porta PlumeSafe® 604 is an ideal surgical smoke evacuator for veterinarian and non-acute care settings where moderate flow is needed. The unit is portable, easy to use, and features patented technology to track filter life.

EZLink®, an automatic activation device, can be used to remotely turn the evacuator on and off, saving filter life. ViroSafe® Fluid Trap is designed to capture fluids to help maintain the integrity of the filtration system and assist with maintaining filter life.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight & Portable
    Allows for easy transport or tabletop use.

  • LED Display
    Indicates filter life and suction power.

  • Adjustable Flow Control
    Suction setting can easily be adjusted in 10% increments.

  • Filter Tracking Technology
    Automatically tracks and records filter life through a patented technology.

  • Quiet Operation
    Addresses noise concerns.

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Porta PlumeSafe 604 Surgical Smoke Evacuator Catalog Number

100/120 Volt Systems
(includes one footswitch; filter sold separately)


Porta PlumeSafe 604 Replacement Filters VS06, VSXLL, VSXLLT, VSEY, VSOH, & VSVET Series

Porta PlumeSafe 604 Surgical Smoke Evacuator

Product Sell Sheet

Porta PlumeSafe 604 Surgical Smoke Evacuator

Operating Manual

The Power to Have a Smoke-Free OR

Is at your fingertips.

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