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PlumeSafe® Turbo

PlumeSafe® Turbo is a powerful portable surgical smoke evacuator designed with sufficient flow for the aesthetic market. It features turbo suction power, an interactive LCD display and filter tracking technology. It can easily be placed on a counter, shelf, floor or other location convenient to the operative area.

EZLink®, an automatic activation device, can be used to remotely turn the evacuator on and off, saving filter life. ViroSafe® Fluid Trap is designed to capture fluids to help maintain the integrity of the filtration system and assist with maintaining filter life.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Turbo Mode
    Significantly increases the airflow to quickly remove smoke from the surgical site.

  • Interactive LCD Display
    Puts information at your fingertips, multiple languages are included, adding to the unit's versatility.

  • Adjustable Flow Control
    Suction setting can easily be adjusted in 10% increments.

  • Filter Tracking Technology
    Automatically tracks and records filter life through a patented technology.

  • Quiet Operation
    Addresses noise concerns.

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PlumeSafe Turbo Surgical Smoke Evacuator Catalog Number
100/120 Volt Systems
220/240 Volt Systems
(includes one footswitch; filter sold separately)


PlumeSafe Turbo Replacement Filters VS06, VSXLL, VSXLLT, VSEY, VSOH, & VSVET Series

PlumeSafe Turbo Surgical Smoke Evacuator

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PlumeSafe Turbo Surgical Smoke Evacuator

Operating Manual

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