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Surgical Smoke Evacuation Tubing

With options that range from 1/4 in. (6.4mm) for compact locations to 1–3/8 in (35 mm) for large plume producing procedures, Buffalo Filter offers tubing for many clinical applications. Manufactured and packaged using premium tubing with a smooth inner surface, our tubing provides better flow rates and lower noise levels than competitive tubing. All tubing and wands are designed for single-use. Item descriptions indicate which tubing is sterile packaged. All Buffalo Filter tubing is latex-free.

Tubing — Standard & Specialty


Features an extensive line of sterile and non-sterile plume evacuation tubing. Read More

Tubing — Reducer Fittings/Adapters


Reducer fittings allow various size hoses to be used with different types of filters. Read More

Tubing — Wands & Sponge Guards


Wands allow for more precise capture of smoke plume. The sponge guards prevent inadvertent suctioning of sterile dressings. Read More


The Power to Have a Smoke-Free OR

Is at your fingertips.

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