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Buffalo Filter Image Library

This section of the website contains all approved Buffalo Filter low and high resolution product images.  Download the zip file by clicking on the product image. Each zip file contains three product sizes. 

  • High Resolution = 300 ppi, CMYK, TIF (printed materials)
  • Medium Resolution = 150 ppi, RGB, PNG (presentations)
  • Low Resolution = 72 ppi, RGB, JPEG (web pages)


Surgical Smoke Evacuators
2018-VisiClear-150B.png 2018-ViroVac-150B.png 2018-Turbo-150B.png 2018-PlumeSafe-604-150B.png    
VisiClear® ViroVac®
PlumeSafe® Turbo PlumeSafe® 604     
Filters for Buffalo Filter Surgical Smoke Evacuators      


2018-VV-Filter-150B.png 2018-VS06001-150B.png      
VisiClear® Filter ViroVac® Filter ViroSafe® Veterinary Filter      
Filters for Competitive Replacement          
2018-BFE20004-150B.png 2018-BFE20009-150B.png 2018-BSPF7830-150B.png 2018-BSPF030-150B.png    
BFE20004 BFE20009 BSPF 7-8-30 BSPF030    
2018-BST370ULC-150B.png 2018-BSUCF03-150B.png        
BST370ULC BSUCF03        
Surgical Smoke Plume Pencils and Pencil Adapters
2018-PlumePen-Elite-150B.png 2018-PlumePen-Pro-150B.png 2017-PenAdapt_150.jpg      
PlumePen® Elite PlumePen® Pro PenAdapt®       
Surgical Plume Evacuation Tubing    
   Laparoscopic Solutions


PlumePortSEO_150.jpg 2018-PlumePort-150B.png 2018-LaparoVue-150B.png    

PlumePort® ActiV®

PlumePort® SEO PlumePort® LaparoVue® Visibility System     
2017-EZLink_150.jpg ViroSafe_FluidTrap_150.jpg 2018-VueTip01-150B.png PPenProCapturePorts_150.jpg    
EZLink® ViroSafeSafe® Fluid Trap  VueTip® Trocar Swab
Accessory Kit
PlumePen® Pro Capture Ports     
ARMSTAND_150.jpg 2018-SMLOF50-150B.png         
 Armstand  Surgical Laser Masks        


The Power to Have a Smoke-Free OR

Is at your fingertips.

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