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Buffalo Filter is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive surgical smoke plume related educational materials. Buffalo Filter's website hosts to a resourceful library of research articles, studies, and editorial work discussing the hazards of surgical smoke plume. 

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Aerosols and Splatter in Dentistry

Stephen K. Harrel, DDS; John Molinari, PhD ; The Journal of the American Dental Association, Vol 135, No 4; 4/2004

Categories: Drills, Orthopedic, Reamers, Saws

The airborne spread of measles, tuberculosis and SARS is well-documented in the medical literature. The dental literature shows that many dental procedures produce aerosols and droplets that are contaminated with bacteria and blood. These aerosols…

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Call to Tackle Toxic Surgery Smoke Risk for Doctors, Nurses, Patients

John Weekes;; 5/2016

Categories: Aesthetics, Cardiothoracic, Dentistry, Dermatology, Drills, ENT, General, Laparoscopic, Laser, OB/GYN, Orthopedic, Plastic, Plume, Reamers, Saws, Veterinary

Surgeons, nurses and patients are being exposed to toxic surgical smoke from burnt body parts, and health staff want new safety measures to combat the risks in New Zealand hospitals.

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Call to tackle toxic surgery smoke risk for doctors, nurses, patients

John Weekes;; 5/2016

Categories: Aesthetics, Cardiothoracic, Dentistry, Dermatology, Drills, Electrosurgery, ENT, General, Laparoscopic, OB/GYN, Orthopedic, Smoke, Urology, Veterinary

Article discusses a surgeons concerns regarding exposure to surgical smoke in New Zwaland Hospitals

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Chemical Composition of Smoke Produced by High-frequency Electrosurgery

O.S. Al Sahaf; I.Vega-Carrascal; F.O. Cunningham; J.P. MCGrath; F.J. Bloomfield; Irish Journal of Medical Science; 7/2007

Categories: Aesthetics, Cardiothoracic, Dermatology, Drills, ENT, General, Laparoscopic, Laser, Orthopedic, Plastic, Plume, Saws, Smoke

This study demonstrated the presence of irritant, carcinogenic and neurotoxic compounds in electrosurgical smoke such as toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene. This may have considerable implications for the health and safety of all involved in surgical…

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Comparison of Current and Past Surgical Smoke Control Practices

Ben E. Edwards, MS, CLSO, RRPT, CHP, CMLSO; Robert E. Reiman, MSPH, MD; AORN Journal,; 3/2012

Categories: Aesthetics, Cardiothoracic, Dentistry, Dermatology, Drills, ENT, Laparoscopic, Laser, OB/GYN, Orthopedic, Plastic, Plume, Veterinary

This is the result of a survey conducted by the authors regarding various surgical smoke control practices throughout the United States. The results showed a variety of Local Exhaust Ventilation, Suction and respiratory protection measures.

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Health Risk Assessment of VOCs from Surgical Smoke

Shaohua She, Gang Lu, Wah Yang, Mianwei Hong, and Lingfei Zhu; Creative Commons CC; 7/2017

Categories: Aesthetics, Cardiothoracic, Dermatology, Drills, Electrosurgery, ENT, General, Laparoscopic, Laser, Orthopedic, Plastic, Plume, Reamers, Saws, Smoke, Urology, Veterinary

The authors conduct a health risk analysis based on exposure to surgical smoke and length of exposure. They found an increased risk of cancer based on the quantity of benzene and formaldehyde found in surgical smoke. They recommend the use of a high flow…

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1) in the Vapors of Surgical Power Instruments

Johnson GK; Robinson WS; Journal of Medical Virology; 1/1991

Categories: Orthopedic

Cool vapors and aerosols produced by several common surgical power instruments and hot smoke plumes generated with electrocautery on known HIV-1 inoculated blood were gently bubbled through sterile viral culture media.

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No Smoking: Vancouver Coastal Operating Room Nurses Push for Enforceable Policies to Protect Them From Toxic Surgical Smoke

L. MacDonald; Update Magazine; 5/2015

Categories: General, Laparoscopic, Orthopedic, Plastic

The days of smoking in hospitals, or any workplace for that matter, are long gone. The health risks of tobacco are well-established, and the overall awareness of the importance of air quality and proper ventilation has made buildings much safer work…

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Study of Health Care Workers Shows Prevalence of Surgical Smoke Exposure

Andrea Steege; Safety and Health Magazine; 11/2015

Categories: General, Orthopedic, Plastic

Surgical smoke is a serious and preventable hazard that affects thousands of health care workers every year, according to a NIOSH study presented Nov. 3 at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting.

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Surgical Smoke Nearly Killed Me

Anthony Hedley, MD, FACS; Outpatient Surgery Magazine February 2018 XIX, No. 2; 2/2018

Categories: Electrosurgery, Orthopedic

The personal story of Dr. Anthony Headley of the Headley Orthopaedic Institute in Phoenix AZ. Dr. Headley developed idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and had a double lung transplant. He states that the cause was exposure to surgical smoke.

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