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Buffalo Filter is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive surgical smoke plume related educational materials. Buffalo Filter's website hosts to a resourceful library of research articles, studies, and editorial work discussing the hazards of surgical smoke plume. 

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Analysis of Surgical Smoke Produced by Various Energy-Based Instruments and Effect on Laparoscopic Visibility

Kyle J. Weld, MD; Stephen Dryer; Caroline D. Ames; Kuk Cho; Chris Hogan; Myonghwa Lee; Pratim Biswas; Jamie Landman, MD; Journal of Endourology, Vol 21, No 3; 3/2007

Categories: General, Laparoscopic, OB/GYN

Short Description: Discusses the relationship of particle size in plume during laparoscopic procedures. Applies to general surgery as well as gynecologic laparoscopy.

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