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Message from the President

BF_President_185.jpgThank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Being here demonstrates your commitment to surgical safety.  It is our goal to provide you with cutting edge products, exceptional education and expertise that will lead to a smoke free and safer operating environment.

As the world leader in surgical smoke plume evacuation, we take great pride in being a major contributor in the efforts to provide a safer working environment for both patients and healthcare personnel.  Buffalo Filter has dedicated substantial resources to developing new and better ways to enhance surgical safety and we have seen a shift in how people view surgical plume; I am thrilled to say that the evacuation of surgical smoke plume is on the rise and it is creating safer, more effective operating rooms worldwide.

From a small, privately-owned company manufacturing our own brand of filters and smoke evacuation systems to a world leader in surgical safety, our operations span the globe and our products are used throughout the world.  I am incredibly proud to be leading such a talented team and to work with world-class partners and I want to thank the employees, customers, and suppliers for helping a small company become a big player.  I am honored that you have chosen Buffalo Filter to help Clear the Air.

As part of your regular visits to our website, I hope you will gain greater insight into our product portfolio and an enhanced understanding of the dangers of surgical smoke plume while staying up-to-date on our newest innovations in smoke plume evacuation and surgical safety.


Kind Regards,

Samantha Bonano


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